Andrius is a profound, yet strange personality, both weird and captivating. Known for his irresistible good looks and nice smell, he often roams the woods alone at night. Local nearby farmers sometimes mistake him for a hunter (or, more often, a deranged lunatic) because of his habit to carry at least 0,5-2 kilograms of knives with him.

Many years of work in IT sector have led to heavily degraded social skills, and as a result civilized people are often afraid of him, mainly because it is hard to understand whether he is joking or not. And his sense of humour is not on the bright (or funny) side.

Despite of all the weird and crazy stuff, Andrius is still surrounded by many beautiful women (most of them married, what the hell…).

He is famous for his work in the field of alternative chemistry, applied cryogenics and experimental history. It is rumoured Andrius once travelled back in time to prove that “Grandparent paradox” is a load of bullshit, in which he succeeded, but, unfortunately, on the way back to the future took a wrong turn, collided with another time-traveller and bashed his head on the temporal space-time side way so hard that he forgot everything and came back even more wacky than before.