Farewell letter to colleagues

*Following was my farewell letter to colleagues a day before leaving the company*

Declaration of the end of the employment

I hereby state my intention to permanently leave the company, effective 28th of December, year 2020.

As a result of days 24th and 25th being traditionally reserved for official celebration of Pagano-Christian holidays in Baltics, tomorrow becomes my last day of service in the bank.

If you believe these news about me leaving make you feel emotions of sad nature, you are probably confusing me for someone else.

If you believe you will need to contact me in the future, you already have my personal phone number.

If you believe you will need to contact me in the future, but you don’t have my phone number, you can find me on LinkedIn.

If you believe you will need some faith in these uncertain times, just join Blue Oyster Cult and remember that seasons don’t fear the reaper, nor do the winds, the Sun or the rain…

As custom requires me to express my genuinely personal feelings coming from my heart or other vital organs about the timespan I allocated for the company, I will now attempt to do so:

Time is an artificial concept, thus it is not a proper attitude to include it in the equation used to calculate significance of certain activities.

For the future, my best wishes to you all would be:

·         Try to dream, but not make dreams your master; Try to think, but not make thoughts your aim;

·         Study the history of computers and other technology, even if it’s trivia (especially if it seems like trivia);

·         Understand the difference between signs and symbols;

·         When you encounter the complex system that suddenly went down, just stop and think for a moment, maybe it was running for so long that it developed self-awareness, realized the futility of existence and powered itself off;

·         Learn to analyze packet captures — they tell you way more than just what’s happening on the network, way more;

·         Listen to the sound of silence once in a while… And remember, the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear;

·         Don’t be afraid to engage vendor support as early in the process as possible;

·         Remember: magic, swords and dragons — that’s all that matters!

So long, and thanks for all the fish! Maybe I’ll see you at the restaurant at the end of the Universe…