New Nokia 3310 — a lame play on nostalgia

Everyone probably heard about re-release of iconic Nokia 3310. There’s nothing wrong with some nostalgia, except in this case it’s not a nostalgia but a lame and lazy marketing trick. New Nokia 3310 has absolutely nothing in common with the original 3310 except for the name and somewhat similar curvature on the front face — that’s it. Otherwise, it’s a completely unrelated phone with totally different screen, totally different OS, totally different features and even totally different colors, texture and materials. If anything, it’s much more similar to current cheap Nokia feature phones such as Nokia 105 than to original 3310. Except Nokia 105 costs 19€ new while Nokia 3310 costs 52€ — that’s more than 2.5 times bigger price just to get that nostalgic name. Even “Snake” game looks nothing like on original model (hint: original was much better and easier to play).

So, in short, new Nokia 3310 is no good for nostalgia as it has nothing nostalgic apart from the name and front face a bit reminiscent of original. It’s also no good as a cheap feature phone as it’s not cheap. If you want cheap feature phone, you get Nokia 105 or any of the other cheap feature phones for half the price. If you want nostalgia, you’d better get original Nokia 3310 — you can still find those used in a good condition for maybe 10€.

And who is the new 3310 for?.. Well, no one in particular, really. It was just a lame marketing stunt and an attempt at money-grab by throwing around an iconic name and watching people get all worked up for nothing. Maybe it’s for hipsters who want to “use it ironically”? So far that’s the only market for it that I can think of.